Help Your Teen Find the Right College

Choosing the right college can be a taxing process for both high school students and their parents. It’s typically the first big decision that will have a lasting impact on your kids’ future success and we all feel the pressure to get it right. Searching the many websites, asking all the questions, visiting countless schools…the cost of money, time, resources, and energy is overwhelming! So […]

17 College Majors That Might Not Get You a Great Career

Watch out for these majors! Forbes recently published a list of 17 college degrees that carry high underemployment rates. According to a new survey, many people who hold these degrees are underemployed. This means they are working beneath their potential. Their job (either inside or outside their field of study) doesn’t require their level of education. In other words, they […]

Do You Need a Degree for the Career of Your Dreams?

As you explore Find Your Calling, you’ll notice that we provide a list of colleges, universities, and other training and education institutions that offer programs related to your careers of interest. Why? Because these days, forging a strong career often requires at least some higher education. There are exceptions, but—well, they tend to be exceptions. So […]

8 Ways You Might Be Picking the Wrong College and Racking Up Needless Debt

Everybody wants to succeed in college and save money, right? So why are students and their families making decisions that do just the opposite? Lack of knowledge, is the short answer. A new report by ideas42, a nonprofit behavioral design consultancy, discovered a few disturbing trends in students’ decisions as they enroll. Here are just a few. Overly […]

Before Picking a College, There’s Someone You Should Meet: You

It’s summer, school’s out, and you’ve just finished your high school career. What’s next? For a lot of people, college. But before you start looking, there’s someone you need to get to know really well. Yourself. You are sending you off into the world, and it’s only fair to find out what you want and what your goals are first. […]