Rock-Solid Careers for Your Personality Part 1: Creator

This is the first in Find Your Calling’s series “Rock-Solid Jobs for Your Personality That Make At Least $45K a Year.” Each post features five recommended careers for one of the six personalities in Find Your Calling: creator, doer, helper, organizer, persuader, and thinker.  

Do what you love, no matter what. On the other hand, you also want to make decent money and choose a career that has a promising future in the labor market. Well, can’t you do all three? Yes!

Here are five careers that I recommend for creators. Not only do they each offer a sturdy salary, but they also show ideal growth over the past few years and they are particularly well suited to the creative types (including me!). So if you like expressing yourself through words, images, or film—check these out!

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1. Multimedia Artists and Animators – Talk about fun! These guys create animation and visual effects for movies, TV, video games, etc. They’ve added 4,500 jobs since 2011 (17% growth). The median salary is $65K a year, but starting out, you should expect closer to $51K.

2. Technical Writers – Words and deadlines are what make technical writers come alive. They prepare instruction manuals, how-tos, and blog articles. They’ve added 6,500 jobs (15% growth). Median wages are $71K a year, while a starting salary is roughly $57K.

3. Graphic Designers – These are the creators of brochures, signs, magazines, and yes, infographics like the one above. They’ve grown 8% since 2011 by adding over 21,000 new jobs—more new jobs than any other occupation on this list! The median salary for graphic designers is $45K; starting salary more like $37K.

4. Commercial and Industrial Designers – Magicians who combine art, business, and engineering—that’s these guys. They create new products based on what real people will actually buy. These designers have added 4,000 new jobs (15% growth) since 2011. Starting salary is around $52K a year, with median wages bumping up to $66K.

5. Interpreters and Translators – Heads up if you speak more than one language! You are in high demand. Since 2011 the US has added 13,000 jobs in interpreting (spoken word) and translation (written word)—significant 20% growth. You could eventually earn about $45K/year (median salary) but would start out around $35K.

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