Rock-Solid Careers for Your Personality Part 2: Doer

This is the second in Find Your Calling’s series “Rock-Solid Jobs for Your Personality That Make At Least $45K a Year.” Each post features five recommended careers for one of the six personalities in Find Your Calling: creator, doer, helper, organizer, persuader, and thinker.  

Doers are busy people. You can usually spot them working with their hands because they love dealing with machines, tools, or animals more than they enjoy super social jobs (like teaching) or abstract thinking (like building a sales strategy). Stuff they can see and touch—that’s what doers value. Can you grow it? Build it? Fix it? Doers are all over it. They also tend to be realistic, athletic, and outdoorsy.

So if you’re a doer, what careers should you explore? Here are five fantastic occupations that seem custom-made for hands-on, practical people. They each make at least $54K per year (median salary) and have grown rapidly since 2011—a good sign!

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1. Airline and Commercial Pilots – If you like not only the idea of soaring above the clouds, but also processing tons of information quickly and controlling lots of details (don’t forget holding people’s lives in your hands!), then being an airline pilot might be perfect for you. Commercial pilots are a bit different, since they fly for purposes like rescue operations, firefighting, and aerial photography. Altogether, pilots have grown 4% since 2011 (over 3,000 new jobs). Median salary is a hearty $121K, though you should expect to make more like $92K when you’re starting out.

2. Construction Supervisors – Do you like building stuff but also planning, coordinating, budgeting, and overseeing large projects? You could make a good construction supervisor. Some of their time is spent in the offie, but most of their hours are out at construction sites to keep an eye on things. Construction supervisors have grown 16% (75,000 new jobs). Median salary is $62K per year, with $51K more realistic for supervisors new to the field.

3. Network and Computer Systems Administrators – This is a long title for folks in charge of the day-to-day operation of networks. Everybody needs them! Organizing, installing, and supporting a business’s computer systems is vital work. These administrators have grown 11% since 2011 (39,000 new jobs) and pay $77K per year (median salary) or $63K per year (salary for newbies). Note: This is also a great career for Organizers.

4. Web Developers – They design and create websites. They’re responsible for the whole look and feel of the site, plus technical stuff like how much traffic it can handle. Some even create content for the site, definitely giving this job a dash of creativity. Web developers have grown a substantial 27% ( 29,000 new jobs) since 2011. Median salary is $65K per year while beginners should expect to make more like $49K.

5. Electricians – You can’t be afraid of getting shocked, that’s for sure! Indoors, outdoors, days, nights, weekends, year round—electricians needs to enjoy fixing problems on the double and responding to emergency situations at any time. They’ve grown 17%, adding an impressive 97,000 new jobs, more than any other career on this list. Electricians earn $54K per year (median) but more like $42K per year (starting out).

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