Remember Your Worth: Interview With Brielle Biscocho

Brielle Biscocho is majoring in film & electronic arts with a minor in journalism.

Filmmaking is more than just holding a camera. It’s the combination of a myriad of arts—music, writing, directing, and cinematography just a few of dozens. Which is exactly what attracted FYC scholarship-winner Brielle Biscocho to the world of film.

“I’ve always wanted to be an artist of some sort—first as a cartoonist, then as a musician,” says Brielle, a Southern Californian about to embark on her second year as a film and electronic arts major with a minor in journalism. “Film is the best of both worlds since I get to combine visuals and sound together. It is one universal project that brings together all the elements of art.”

What’s her dream career? Brielle enjoys pondering the possibilities. Because with her variety of interests and more skills in the offing, her options are just about as limitless as the film industry itself.

What’s your biggest challenge in figuring out your dream career? 

The more opportunities I explore, the more I can’t make up mind! I originally wanted to do only narrative projects, but now I’m also interested in live television and music videos. That’s the beauty of entertainment—there are so many different directions you can go!

What is the greatest challenge to pursuing your career? How do you plan to overcome this?

The greatest challenge is lack of support. Before college, none of the schools I attended had any film/television programs. There was neither the budget nor the interest to start one. There are still a lot of people who consider art to be more of a hobby than a career. Fortunately, I’ve since met more people who support my goals, and some of them are even on the same career path!

What career matches did you get on FYC? 

There were a few I expected and some I did not consider until FYC recommended them based on my interests! I’ve thought about being a Technical Director, Broadcast News Analyst, and Film & Video Editor, but I was surprised to be matched with both Art Director and Audio-Visual & Multimedia Collections Specialist. Both of those careers seem to be great ways to share my creative skills, so I’ll definitely look into them!

What did you enjoy about Find Your Calling?

It’s an amazing resource! It offers so much support and introduces students to new careers. The blog also gives amazing advice to help us make the most of our time in college. I’m so happy I discovered the site!

What made you pick California State University, Long Beach?

CSULB opens so many doors for students to pursue their passion. Here I’ve been able to work on multiple projects for upperclassmen’s assignments and the student-run television station. I’ve filmed events both on and off campus that allowed me to meet a lot of cool people! The alumni are also very generous with mentoring students and inviting them to work on their productions.

How did you decide on Film/Electronic Arts and Journalism?

I was introduced to filmmaking at a young age. It’s not uncommon for movie crews to show up around my neighborhood. I would pass some shoots on my way home from school and they caught my attention. Of course, I was never allowed to go on set, but they made me curious about the process. Ever since, I’ve wanted to learn about cinema.

Journalism was new to me but I started getting interested when I interned for my university’s entertainment news show, Beach Access. It was exciting to interview people for our segments and let their voice be heard. I love fiction but also want to be able to share the true stories that have yet to be discovered.

What are your three biggest fears about life after college? 

The entertainment industry is competitive, so not finding a media-related job is of course a fear of mine. I’m also worried I might forget to pursue my own individual ideas as I work on other productions. Most of all, I’m afraid I won’t be able to travel. I’ve always lived in Southern California and I’m happy that most studios are based here; still, my dream is to see the world by filming in other states and countries.

How would you encourage other students facing similar challenges as you?

The only thing worse than failing is never trying. Pursue any career goal you want and remember your worth! Don’t waste your time trying to please those who aren’t supportive, because they won’t always be there. Make sure every opportunity you pursue is for yourself and your calling because in the end it’s more rewarding.

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