The Best College in Every State

Now, here’s a handy list from Forbes—the best college in every state, based on Forbes’ definitive America’s Top Colleges ranking. If you’re interested in sticking close to home for any reason (in-state tuition is cheaper, Mom’s cooking is just so good…), you’ll want to check these out! Read how each school made the cut in the original article. Alabama: […]

Bright Future for College Grads

Michigan State University’s Recruiting Trends report projects that 2015-2016 will be the third straight year of solid growth as employers seek new talent from all degree levels: associate’s, bachelor’s, MBA, master’s, doctorate, and professional. This is great news for high school and college students (and their parents) who are concerned about the job market and weighing the benefits of a […]

How Important is Picking Your College Major?

In a day when comparatively few people work in the same area as their undergraduate studies, the question becomes—how important is picking your college major, anyway? Some, like Jeff Selingo with the Chronicle of Higher Education, say, not so much. Others, like Tony Carnevale with Georgetown University, say it is very important. We actually think both positions are […]