Three Tough Truths to Rescue Students, Businesses, and Higher Education

College isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, education should be better aligned to outcomes, and companies need to invest in talent early. These are the truths hammered home by Adam Enbar, co-founder and president of Flatiron School, in his recent article Three Hard Truths That Will Save Higher Education. His point is to tackle a nasty mismatch between what employers need (more computer […]

Before Picking a College, There’s Someone You Should Meet: You

It’s summer, school’s out, and you’ve just finished your high school career. What’s next? For a lot of people, college. But before you start looking, there’s someone you need to get to know really well. Yourself. You are sending you off into the world, and it’s only fair to find out what you want and what your goals are first. […]