A Dream With a Deadline – Interview With Austin Otto

American author Napoleon Hill once said, “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” That quote serves as inspiration for Austin Otto, a third-year engineering student with aspirations of changing the world through 3D printing. “I want to be part of the cutting-edge changes that I foresee coming from 3D printing technology,” said Austin, who […]

17 College Majors That Might Not Get You a Great Career

Watch out for these majors! Forbes recently published a list of 17 college degrees that carry high underemployment rates. According to a new survey, many people who hold these degrees are underemployed. This means they are working beneath their potential. Their job (either inside or outside their field of study) doesn’t require their level of education. In other words, they […]

“Find What You’re Good At. Never Look Back” – Interview With Zoe Huff

In a world with no shortage of photographers both amateur and professional (300 million users on Instagram alone), Zoe Huff has an especially gutsy goal: become a photographer for National Geographic. A high school senior in Maryland and winner of an FYC scholarship, Zoe brings not just a passion for photography but a heart for […]