High School Students, Employers Are Looking For You

Bad news and good news.

The bad news is that between 2010 and 2040, the population of working adults (ages 25-54) is expected to tank big time in 16 different states, mostly in the Northeast and Midwest. This is because people are moving away, the Baby Boomer generation is retiring, and the younger generations just aren’t there to fill the demand.

Red states = declining population. Click the map to explore.

That’s 30 years of bad news for businesses (and the national economy) that need a constant supply of smart, talented young people. How are businesses trying to fix this problem?

Well, this brings us to the good news for young students: Now more than ever, companies are in pursuit of high school and college students to help develop the future workforce.

This is especially good news for students who do their homework about exactly what skills and careers the businesses world is looking for. If you know what employers need, if you know the occupations that are in demand, then you can pursue the right education and training to prepare for those key positions.

But don’t businesses usually recruit college graduates or at least students already enrolled in college? Maybe once upon a time, but these days, employers are targeting students much younger than that. If you’re in high school, businesses are anxiously looking to hire you.

Last year, a survey showed that half of the employers in the US are accepting (or planning to accept) applications from high school students for internships, and nearly half of high school students are participating in these internships in order to get head starts on their careers. On top of that, more and more employers are willing to help pay for college, especially if you are gifted and apply yourself.

How can high school and college students get involved with these cool opportunities to jumpstart their careers? Here are a few simple steps.

1. Find your career match. Discover a job you love! There are way too many career options out there to sort through on your own, so we created a free, easy Discovery Questionnaire that weighs your strengths and interests and matches them up with careers.

2. Research the career options. Learn about the demand for these opportunities, what they pay, where the jobs are, what companies are hiring, what skills you will need, and what colleges and universities offer the right degrees for you. Save your favorites to your profile for easy reference later.

3. Get in touch with colleges and employers. Step three is all about taking action! Reach out to schools about scholarships, internships, and employers looking for talent.

4. Ask FYC for help! Our calling is to help you find yours. We work with lots of colleges and employers, so if you have a question about any of this, please comment below, drop a line on our Facebook page, or email me at rob@findyourcalling.com. We’re here for you!

March is Find Your Calling Month! Take the Discovery Questionnaire, share your profile on Twitter or Instagram with #FindYourCallingDay, and you’ll be entered to win a $500 scholarship. See rules & conditions here. Follow FYC on Twitter, Instagram, and FacebookSign up for our monthly newsletter. Contact Gwen Burrow at gwen@findyourcalling.com

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