Help Your Teen Find the Right College

Choosing the right college can be a taxing process for both high school students and their parents. It’s typically the first big decision that will have a lasting impact on your kids’ future success and we all feel the pressure to get it right. Searching the many websites, asking all the questions, visiting countless schools…the cost of money, time, resources, and energy is overwhelming!

So what should you look for?

You want to make sure the college your child enrolls in is not just academically but also personally fulfilling. A lot of the “short-term” things that you might be tempted to scan over will actually have long-term affects. With that in mind, here are some questions you and your student should focus on as you scope out schools:

  1. What are my interests? Before they enroll anywhere, students need to understand who they are and what they are passionate about. Many students sign up for classes without knowing what makes them unique, what they value, or what they truly love. In high school, they assumed they could work it out once they got to college—never realizing that high school is when they should decide!
  2. What is important? You and your student might both have some nonnegotiables. Take time to write down these priorities and share them with each other.
  3. Where do I want to be? Even though a college’s location might seem less important to you than the quality of the education itself, this could make all the difference to a student. The location can affect the size of the school as well as the environment. Also, don’t believe the lie that you can’t afford anything far away from home. Sometimes the best option for your child’s dream career really is a few states away.
  4. What should I study? This is the big “what?” in college. So many students spend years at school before they actually know where their calling is. It isn’t uncommon for students to switch majors two or three times and take six years to finish a degree. The wise thing to do is to consider not only what major suits them best, but also what type of classes they’d be taking.
  5. How much can I afford? Even though this is the question we all hate, sometimes your budget means having to say no to something you really want to say yes to. Has your child considered the debt they’ll be in when they graduate? They should consider whether the major and school they choose will leave them paying off bills for years to come.

So now you know what questions to ask, but how to answer them? What websites are reliable? Is there any way to figure out the answers quickly?

Good news. There is. Find Your Calling is a free website developed to help you and your student answer all of these questions with just a few short clicks—whether they’re about to graduate high school or they’re still trying to nail down their major as college sophomores. We can help you save hours of research by letting you tap into the data we have done for you.

Get started by taking the Discovery Questionnaire. Here, your student tells FYC what they enjoy so that FYC can match them up with careers that might interest them. Then you can explore programs and colleges together.

Even better? Have your student share their profile on Twitter or Instagram using #FindYourCallingDay and they’ll be entered to win a $500 scholarship. (Details in the footer.) Hurry—we’re selecting a winner each Friday in March.

March is Find Your Calling Month! Take the Discovery Questionnaire, share your profile on Twitter or Instagram with #FindYourCallingDay, and you’ll be entered to win a $500 scholarship. See rules & conditions here. Follow FYC on Twitter, Instagram, and FacebookSign up for our monthly newsletter. Contact Gwen Burrow at

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