Why You Should Take a Career Assessment

Which Star Wars character are you? What kind of person should you marry? If you were a country, what country would you be? Would you survive the Hunger Games?

The internet is popping with personality tests—some silly, some serious. Why do we take them? Because they’re fun! And sometimes actually helpful. At the end of the day, it’s just plain fascinating to figure out how your personality relates to different people, places, and things in the world.

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The same can be said for career assessments—tests that help you figure out the right career for your personality. Why should you take one? Because you want to discover the best job opportunities for you.

Look around at the people you know who wound up getting a job they don’t like. Maybe they chose their mom’s or dad’s career by default, maybe they went for something because people told them they’d be good at it, maybe they opted for whatever fell in their laps.

Of course, they might have accepted a job they hate because they needed a paycheck and this was the best job available, and kudos to them. But we’re talking about people stuck in ill-fitting jobs because they didn’t have enough information about what they were getting into. We’re talking about musicians crunching numbers, foresters stuck behind desks, or software engineers sweating away in salesman suits. Who wants that?

Another good reason to take a career assessment is that they’re are actually getting pretty popular in the career world. Many companies are requiring applicants to take these tests to determine whether they’re a good match for job openings. Why? Because every job requires a certain set of strengths and interests and natural disposition that, unlike skills (which can be learned), are simply what you’re born with.

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Your profile on Find Your Calling is where you save careers that match your strengths and interests.

Both of these reasons are why Find Your Calling kicks off with a 34-question assessment where you vote for or against (or somewhere in the middle) for various activities. Unlike the Star Wars quiz (which has only a few characters to choose from), this assessment quickly and smartly sorts through hundreds upon hundreds of career options—in order to pinpoint the ones perfect for you.

Fun little time-wasters can tell you which Avenger you are (I’m Captain America) or reveal the color of your soul (mine’s blue). We share our results on Facebook…and forget about them. But imagine how cool it’d be to find out I’m a writer. I’m a doctor. I’m a structural engineer. That is what I’m called to do, because that is what I am.

It’s Find Your Calling Month! Take the Discovery Questionnaire, share your profile on Twitter or Instagram with #FindYourCallingDay, and you’ll be entered to win a $500 scholarship. See rules & conditions here. Follow FYC on Twitter, Instagram, and FacebookSign up for our monthly newsletter. Contact me at gwen@findyourcalling.com

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