8 Ways Creativity Makes You a Better Person

JUST Creative has a cool piece by Anna Marsh listing ways creativity makes you a better person. If you’re a creator questioning the value of letting your creativity run wild or weary of the process of creating something new, take a look. Here are a few of Anna’s observations.

1. Creativity connects everything.

“It teaches us that everything in the universe is connected…. Creativity is all about gathering up ideas together and then displaying them in a manner that no one has seen before.”

2. Creativity makes everything count.

“Each and every hour that we practice anything, every single time that we perform an experiment, and every single lesson that we learn (including all of our efforts) counts.”

3. Creativity makes you determined.

“You know what it is like to continue working even when it seems useless.”

4. Creativity makes you patient.

“Being excited or passionate is only the initial spark that gets you moving; the real thing is patience and persistence.”

5. Creativity makes you a better analyst.

“It doesn’t make you result-oriented; rather it makes you process-oriented.”

6. Creativity makes you both strong and flexible.

“Creativity teaches us that rather than protecting our work and running away from criticism, we should be proud of failure and critics because these two things help build your strength again.”

7. Creativity helps you connect with your community.

“Creativity helps us connect with other people who are performing the same.”

8. Creativity gives you freedom.

“We are allowed to try new things and take risks in a healthy way.”

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