Rock-Solid Careers for Your Personality Part 4: Organizer

This is the fourth in Find Your Calling’s series “Rock-Solid Jobs for Your Personality That Make At Least $45K a Year.” Each post features five recommended careers for one of the six personalities in Find Your Calling: creator, doer, helper, organizer, persuader, and thinker.  

Organizers like to make sure the world is running right. They’re either in charge or right behind the ones that are so that they can plan, schedule, and keep track of details for the team. Multitasking is a particular forte of theirs. Organizers tend to be persistent, practical, efficient, and conscientious. They like the security of belonging to a group and they make good team members.

Management, administrative, and analytical jobs frequently make good careers for organizers. Check out our top five recommendations below! These are the favorites of the Find Your Calling team based on growth (showing that these careers are in demand) and median salaries (at least $77K per year). Take note that starting salaries would be lower than median salaries.

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1. Network and Computer Systems Administrators. This is a long title for folks in charge of the day-to-day operation of networks. Everybody needs them! Organizing, installing, and supporting a business’s computer systems is vital work. These administrators have grown 11% since 2011 (39,000 new jobs) and pay $77K per year (median salary) or $63K per year (salary for newbies). Note: This is also a great career for Doers.

2. Operations Research Analysts.You need to be patient and tenacious if you want to be an operations research analyst. These workers use advanced mathematical and analytical methods to help organizations investigate complex issues, identify and solve problems, and make better decisions. They’ve grown 22% since 2011 (18,000 new jobs) and earn about $78K per year (median salary) or $60K per year (for those just starting out).

3. Operations Managers. A lot of responsibility comes with being an operations manager. You’re in charge of formulating policies, managing daily operations, and planning the use of materials and human resources within a business. Operations managers have grown 11% since 2011 (an incredible 224,000 new jobs). Median salary is $100K per year, but less experienced managers should expect to make more like $68K per year.

4. Computer & Information Systems Managers. Also called IT managers, these folks plan, coordinate, and direct computer-related activities within a business. They help determine a company’s IT goals and are responsible for implementing computer systems to meet those goals. IT managers have grown 16% since 2011 (51,000 new jobs). While the median salary is $129K, you would probably earn closer to $106K when you’re new to the field.

5. Financial Managers. These managers are responsible for the financial health of an organization. They produce financial reports, direct investment activities, and develop strategies and plans for the long-term financial goals of their company. Financial managers have grown 8% (42,000 new jobs) and offer median salaries of $118K per year, or $89K for managers without as much experience.

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