Rock-Solid Careers for Your Personality Part 3: Helper

This is the third in Find Your Calling’s series “Rock-Solid Jobs for Your Personality That Make At Least $45K a Year.” Each post features five recommended careers for one of the six personalities in Find Your Calling: creator, doer, helper, organizer, persuader, and thinker.  

Helpers are caring, compassionate people who thrive in careers that bless other people’s lives in up-close, tangible ways. We all like making an impact, but for helpers it’s especially important that they see the impact. They value relationships highly and usually dislike working alone. Their love for harmony makes them great team members!

What are the best careers for helpers? Good news: Many ideal occupations for helpers are in healthcare, an industry currently booming with fast-growing, high-salary occupations. But we also feature some non-healthcare careers for helpers who aren’t interested in the medical field.

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1. Paralegals. Their strong helper instinct makes paralegals ideal for assisting lawyers in researching legal precedent, investigating facts, and preparing legal documents. Even better news? They are in high demand while lawyers are actually in decline, so if you love the legal field but don’t want to pour time and money into a law degree that could easily go to waste, consider becoming a paralegal. They’ve added 13,000 jobs since 2011 (5%) growth and offer a median salary of $51K, though $40K is more realistic for someone new to the field.

2. Nurse Practitioners. The biggest difference between nurse practitioners and registered nurses (who are also in high demand, by the way) is that nurse practitioners are more educated (at least a master’s degree) and so have greater independence. They can see patients on their own and can diagnose and treat illnesses, unlike registered nurses. They’ve added 21,000 new jobs (18% growth) and get paid $97K per year (median wages) or more like $86K per year (starting out).

3. Surgeons. Fixing physical deformities, repairing bone and tissue, performing surgeries—these are everyday jobs for the surgeon. Many surgeons specialize in specific areas, like neurological surgery (treatment of the brain and nervous system). They’ve added 4,000 jobs since 2011 (10% growth). Highly educated and trained, surgeons earn $204K per year (median wages), though $179K per year is more realistic for a less experienced surgeon.

4. Physician Assistants. These folks examine, diagnose, and treat patients, working on teams with physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare workers. Since they haven’t had as much training (a master’s degree is typical, rather than a doctorate), they work under at least some level of supervision. There have been 14,000 new physician assistant jobs added in the past four years (16% growth). Median wages are $97K per year while starting wages would be closer to $81K.

5. HR Managers. Here’s another helper career outside healthcare! Human resources managers are in charge of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new staff. They’re also involved in a business’s strategic planning. They’ve grown by over 13,000 jobs (12% growth) and offer median annual salaries of $105K, with starting wages more like $83K.

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