How Globalization Is Creating New Jobs

The economy shapes our lives, and we—through all the economic activity we generate—shape it. Emsi recently released new data on the ways that the American lifestyle, new technology, and increased globalization have shaped the labor market and created new jobs over the past few years. Below is part three: how globalization is creating new jobs.

New Jobs Created by Globalization

#1 Customer Service. Customer experience is a top business priority. And since business is increasingly global, companies are adopting ways to serve domestic and international audiences on a 24/7 schedule. In the US alone, customer service jobs have increased by 9% since 2012, adding 226,000 new jobs for service reps. The total customer service workforce is now nearly 2.7 million.

#2 Market Research Analyst. Market research analysts are data sleuths collecting valuable insight on local, regional, national, and international markets. Since 2012, market research analysts have grown 15%, adding nearly 68,000 new jobs. Over 530,000 people work as market research analysts.

#3 Interpreters and Translators. Globalization also spurs the demand for folks able to communicate and translate across multiple languages, including Chinese, Spanish, French, and Arabic as top languages for international business. Jobs for interpreters and translators have grown by 14% since 2012, adding 10,000 new jobs. Over 78,000 people work as interpreters and translators.

#4 Cartographers. Almost anywhere you need to go, you can get a map with detailed instructions on how to get there. It’s an incredible service. But in a world that has largely been discovered, much of it still needs to be mapped! Demand for digital map-makers is up. Since 2012, cartographers have grown by 16%, adding nearly 2,000 new jobs.

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