How Better Technology is Creating New Jobs

The economy shapes our lives, and we—through all the economic activity we generate—shape it. Emsi recently released new data on the ways that the American lifestyle, new technology, and increased globalization have shaped the labor market and created new jobs over the past few years. Below is part two: how better technology is creating new jobs.

New Jobs Created by Better Technology

Entrepreneurs introduce new technologies, we adopt (and devour) them, and the face of industry changes as new jobs materialize. It’s easy to think about IT jobs, but new technology impacts the entire economy, resulting in increased demand for other types of careers. Here are five to consider.

#1 Application Software Developers. The no-brainer on the list. This is the ubiquitous job now. There are currently 770,000 application software developers. Since 2012, they grew by 112,000 new jobs (17% growth). Every industry—from health care to manufacturing to retail—needs them.

#2 Home Health Aides. The combination of aging baby boomers and improved medical technology has resulted in big demand for health care workers—particularly those who care for the elderly in homes versus hospitals. Home health aides have grown by 20% since 2012, adding an impressive 163,000 new jobs. Right now nearly 1 million people work as home health aides.

#3 Marketing Managers. There have never been so many ways for companies to broadcast their message and connect with clients, which means companies must be savvy if they want to be heard. Over 19,000 new marketing managers were added to the existing 120,500 across the US (10% growth) since 2012. Oracle, Amazon, Accenture, and Microsoft top the list of big-time companies that have published recent job postings for marketing managers.

#4 Database Administrators. For many companies, the competitive edge is their ability to corral, manage, and interpret the complex data generated by consumers. Website traffic, consumer purchasing behaviors, traffic patterns—you name it. It’s vital to have people who can crunch the numbers. Since 2012, data administrators have grown by 9%, adding nearly 10,000 new jobs.

#5 Technical Writers. Even though technology has changed much of how companies get their services in front of customers, one critical component has remained constant: the need to communicate clearly and effectively. This is where writing skills come in. Some even go so far as to say that a company is only as good as its writing. Since 2012, technical writers have grown by 11%, adding over 5,000 new jobs. There are now 55,000 technical writers working in every industry from software to retail to engineering to health care.

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