Refer a Friend Week – Celebrate Find Your Calling’s First Birthday!

Find Your Calling’s first birthday is this Saturday, October 1, and what a year it’s been! In honor of the thousands of people across the US who have used Find Your Calling this past year, we are hosting Refer a Friend Week, October 3 – 9. Our goal is to have 10,000 new friends create profiles on Find Your Calling and explore fantastic schools and careers.

And so we call upon YOU. October 3 – 9, we invite fans and users to share Find Your Calling with their friends, parents, teachers, counselors, and anyone who will look at Find Your Calling and wonder, “Where has this been my whole life?”

If Find Your Calling has helped you, then join the fun and share the love. Even better, this is the kind of party where the guests receive gifts. We have special prizes for fans who share the most! Here’s what to do.

Share the Refer-a-Friend Email

home-pageIf you’re a subscriber of Find Your Calling, you’ll automatically receive a special Refer a Friend email on October 3.* This email explains everything about Find Your Calling, but you can add your own words so your friends know you aren’t spamming them. Once they create an account on Find Your Calling, they’ll receive the same email so they can pass it on.

Keep sharing throughout the week. Share Find Your Calling with your classmates, but also with your mom and dad, your teachers, and career counselors at school. No limit! We designed Find Your Calling to help them help you, so get them involved.

*Not sure if you’re a current subscriber? Sign up here.

Share on Facebook

  • Share this article you’re reading now and tag your friends to let them know what’s coming next week. Tag our Facebook page too (@findyrcalling) so we can track the shares.
  • October 3 – 9, share the Refer A Friend email and tag your friends, especially if they enjoy checking Facebook more than reading emails. Tag us: @findyrcalling.
  • Share links to the Find Your Calling home page. If Find Your Calling has helped you, say so! Tag us: @findyrcalling.
  • Share our Facebook posts. We’ll be releasing a new series about the top careers for each personality—helpful for everyone! Tag us: @findyrcalling.

Share on Instagram

  • Publish screencaps of your FYC profile on your Instagram account with the hashtag #FYCReferAFriend. Tag your friends!
  • Take screencaps of our Instagram images and reshare with the same hashtag: #FYCReferAFriend. We’ll post our new series about the top careers for each personality here, too. As always, tag your friends.


Our goal is ambitious: 10,000 new friends using find Your Calling! But with your help, we can do it. If one of you shares Find Your Calling with 10 friends, then we need 1,000 of you to share. If one of you shares with 20 friends, then we need 500 of you to share.

Will you be one of 1,000? Will you be one of 500?


The five people who share the most will receive fun gifts from a grateful Find Your Calling team. Please note that if you win, you’ll also be contacted for a headshot and a fun interview that might be published here on our blog!

Read the official rules

Get Started Now

You can help us prime the pump for Refer a Friend Week by sharing the image below right now. Thanks for helping us spread the word! We are happier than ever to help students find their calling and make smart decisions for their future.

Share everywhere with the hashtag #FYCReferAFriend
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