Jobseekers Around the World Want Careers That Give Them Purpose

Wages, job security, opportunity for career growth—all are important, but none of them are what ultimately attract young Americans to jobs. The most compelling value companies can offer is purpose. And new research by Universum shows exactly what “purpose” means to these aspiring professionals:

  1. Commitment to making the world a better place
  2. Fulfilling and meaningful work
  3. Commitment to improving people’s lives

In fact, this is largely true around the world. Universum interviewed over a million university students in 57 countries to determine what they’re looking for as they prepare to enter the labor market. Almost without exception, the desire to perform meaningful work and make the world a better place ranked in the top two.

Source: Universum

Businesses seeking new talent should keep this in mind, but the application goes further. Students, if you feel like you’re alone in keeping your fingers crossed for a job that gives you this sense of purpose and fulfillment, know that this is no abnormal desire. The passion to work for your passion is a worthy one. Get after it! Looking for a place to start? Use Find Your Calling to see the careers that let you do simultaneously what you’re good at and what you love.

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