FYC Updates: Better for Mobile, Better for You

You will love the new Find Your Calling! Say hello to a slick mobile redesign and a new Discovery Questionnaire boosted to a scary level of smart with 34 questions to discern your strengths and interests…down to the detail. Just like that, Find Your Calling knows more about you and what you’ll love than ever before.

1. New Home Page

Get to know the problems we solve,why we do what we do, and the people we help: high school students, college students, parents, teachers, counselors.

problems we solve

2. New Discovery Questionnaire

The questionnaire now has three steps. You’ll have a blast assigning smiley faces, frowny faces, and “meh” faces to let us know your preferences.

Step 1. Personality. This is where we get to know you and what you love (or hate) doing. Love fixing household appliances? Can’t stand the idea of teaching? Tell us!

question 2

Step 2. Interests. Now tell us how you feel about a few job suggestions. This will give us an even better grasp of who you are.


Step 3. Pathways. Finally, give a stronger YES or NO to major career groups called pathways. For example, how does working in human resources sound? You can explore all the jobs within the pathway later; right now we just need to know whether the basic category sounds appealing.

pathway 2

3. Better Results

Now check out your profile! Click on the pathways you saved to explore the careers inside. Next stop: schools and programs, just the way you like them but now with additional data about majors, GPA, and more!

3 images

Get Started

DO THIS: Ready to find your calling? Create a profile in 5 minutes. You’ll soon be exploring careers that match you so well, your only trouble will be picking your favorites—but no worries, because with FYC’s rich, detailed career data, it’s no trouble at all! Quickly compare wages, growth, skills, and companies that are hiring so that you can make educated decisions about what you want to do.

OR THIS: Already have a profile? Log in and click “Retake Questionnaire.” If you thought FYC nailed your personality before, just wait till you see this.

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