FYC Sponsors Ramsey Solutions’ Students & Money Report

We love team efforts and we love helping students—two reasons we’re excited to announce that FYC is sponsoring Ramsey Solutions’ new report, “Students and Money National Research Study,” that demonstrates the power of financial literacy. Study: Students Are Wiser and More Confident With Financial Training Ramsey Solutions, the premiere provider of financial curriculum, surveyed more than 76,000 high […]

Three Tough Truths to Rescue Students, Businesses, and Higher Education

College isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, education should be better aligned to outcomes, and companies need to invest in talent early. These are the truths hammered home by Adam Enbar, co-founder and president of Flatiron School, in his recent article Three Hard Truths That Will Save Higher Education. His point is to tackle a nasty mismatch between what employers need (more computer […]

Pay Attention to Your Childhood Dreams, Because They Can Weave Into Your True Calling

Think of your calling like a rope. When you’re a kid, you’re just a bunch of random strands. You like Legos, you like video games, you like finger paint. But over time (sometimes fast, sometimes slow) those strands break and fall away or else strengthen and wind together into one strong whole: your calling. The question is, […]