Don’t Let College Debt Force You To Put Your Life on Hold

Problem: Not Enough Data, Too Much Debt

Too many recent college grads have put their dreams on ice because of college debt. Just look at these frightening stats published by Consumer Report. Today, 42 million students are staggering under a debt of $1.2 trillion.

We don’t want this to be you!

Thousands of students make education choices without knowing what they’re committing to. As a recent grad, I remember my first year at college. I didn’t know what credit was, and it was totally okay to take on big loans with little to no discussion on what that might actually mean for me. High school students enter college owing $0, but when they attempt to enter the labor market just a few years later, they’re commonly shackled with $35K-$100K—or more!

It was too easy to get student loans, Jackie Krowen says. “You didn’t have to meet with anybody. You just clicked some buttons on the computer and you had a huge check.” Source:

This, my friends, is a big deal. The choices students make in college often keep them from living the life they want. Aspiring entrepreneurs can’t start new businesses. Employees sleepwalk nine to five, unengaged with their jobs but unable to leave because they have to make those loan payments. For countless students, college education—the very thing that should enable them to pursue their dreams—has turned into a ball and chain.

Solution: Get Informed and Make a Realistic Plan

So how do we fix this? Is it even possible to gain the education you need for a career you love without sinking into massive debt? YES. This is why we created Find Your Calling. Our mission: to help you discover the work you were born to do and make the best plan for achieving your goals—without crippling your future.

Most students make critical, life-changing decisions with almost ZERO data to guide their choices. And when they don’t understand how their educational choices (the cost and time of college) measure up against employment opportunities (the demand for various careers and how much they pay), we shouldn’t be surprised when they make poor decisions.

Find Your Calling fills the gap. We offer tons of great data on careers that fit your interests, how much they pay, and the cost of colleges and universities that offer programs to help you achieve your goals. All for FREE.

Goals for students – FYC helps students discover careers they will love, see the pay and demand, and get an education they can afford. High schoolers, here’s what you can do. Before going to college, make a plan. What do you want to do? Is the occupation in demand, giving you a good chance of getting hired? Are the wages greater than the cost of the education you’re about to pay for?

Goals for everyone else – Teachers, counselors, media, government, and parents can use the data to help students take on these big decisions. Why are they going to school? How much can they afford? What do they want to study? How does that set them up for a good career? These are enormous questions. Give students a hand.

So, don’t be a victim of the current system. Don’t put your life on hold. Give Find Your Calling a try.

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