Imagining the Impossible: Interview With Jordan Pin

Jordan Pin is a recent winner of a $1,000 scholarship from Find Your Calling. Below is a quick interview about his career goals and education plans.

Jordan Pin
Jordan Pin is majoring in biomedical engineering, a program that can help prepare him for numerous careers.

From making short films to building new devices, Jordan Pin has always itched to create. “I wanted to be a filmmaker when I was little,” he said. “And I’d still love to do that.”

But when Jordan got to college, he decided to put that same creative urge to work in a different field: engineering. Specifically, biomedical engineering.

“I love to be creative and imagine the impossible,” he said, now a junior at University of Texas at Dallas. “Right now I’m focused on engineering because it involves creativity, plus I get to learn how things work and build devices that can have a positive impact on society.”

Jordan hasn’t picked a specific career yet, namely because the options before him are endless—perfect for a creator with an imagination! Below, Jordan tells us how he has planned his education to prepare for a future brimming with careers that fit him and his deepest interests.

Why did you choose to major in biomedical engineering?

I chose it because I like engineering, for one thing, but also because I wanted to study something that pertains to the medical field. Biomedical engineering combines all my interests—biology, chemistry, and engineering—into one program. I am very excited to see where it takes me. With this degree, I can choose a career in neural engineering, cardiac engineering, biomedical imaging, sales, robotics, prosthetics…. The options really are endless.

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What is the biggest obstacle to pursuing your dream career?

The biggest obstacle is just picking one. Right now I’m trying to learn about all the possible careers within my field of study.

What made you choose University of Texas at Dallas?

It has a great engineering school and offered me a great scholarship.

What are the top three things that worry you about life after college?

Leaving the fun environment of college, finding an internship/job, and wondering if I chose the right major!

What’s the best thing about FYC?

The best thing about FYC is that it can find career options that you may not have known existed.  It is especially great because the careers are tailored to your interests and personality. For example, FYC suggested Bioinformatics Specialist as a good career for me, and I was definitely interested. My major right now could potentially lead me to that career.

What’s some personal advice for other students facing similar challenges as you?

It’s a good idea to know what you want to pursue (engineering, business, art, etc.) before you enroll in college. This will allow you to choose a school that fits your goals. Many degrees within those categories interrelate, which means that even if your ultimate career goal changes, you can pursue it regardless of your major. If you’re having a really hard time deciding, just look at the majors that interest you and choose one! You will quickly learn if it is right for you.

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