Best Jobs in California for 2016

You don’t have to be an actor or Silicon Valley tycoon to make a living in California! The job market is actually full of surprises. So if you’re planning a career in the Golden State, here are some careers you should know about.

Speed: Fastest-Growing Occupations

Careers that involve caring for others are growing like crazy. Many of these jobs are being driven by policy that surrounds the Affordable Care Act. If you’re a helper (take our Discovery Questionnaire if you don’t know!) and enjoy working with people, these jobs might be fit for you. Here are two prime examples:

Social and Community ServSocial and Community Service Managersice Managers have grown at an incredible rate (110% since 2011), adding 11,000 new jobs. Companies trying to hire social and community service managers include Genesis, Ensign Group, and the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Health Care Social Workers have grown 107% since 2011, adding 9,000 jobs. Companies looking for quality people include DaVita, Inc, Fresenius Medical Care, and Humana.

Size: Greatest Number of New Jobs

There is a ton of demand for folks that can help businesses get (and stay) organized. Operations Managers have added a whopping 44,000 jobs in the last five years, with an average of 14,000 people getting hired each month. Wages are super at $138K a year. Don’t miss this one! What companies are looking for talent? Try these big household names: Home DepotMichaelsOracle24 Hour Fitness, and Sephora.

Market Research AnalystMarket Research Analysts (folks who research the market to determine whether there’s demand for a new product) grew 24% and added over 16,000 jobs since 2011. These folks are making good money, averaging $78K a year but as high as $116K. Many companies like Genentech, Oracle (they’re hiring everyone!), Disney, and need these vital market detectives.

Dollars: Highest Paying

These jobs can offer you impressive salaries if you are interested in working with technology or persuading people.

software developersComputer Information Systems Managers (also known as IT directors, data processing managers, or system administrators) are in charge of many different IT activities. They make on average $183K a year in California. Yep, that computer science degree is worth it! They also grew 25% over the last five years. Northrop Grumman CorporationSutter HealthNordstrom, and Union Bank are all looking to hire.

Software developers have added over 50,000 jobs. With $115K/year, this career is a great option to survive the high cost of living in California. Everyone wants to hire software developers. Besides the usual suspects like Facebook, IBM, and Google, we also have GE, Walmart, and St. Jude Medical hunting too. This could very well be the career of the decade for those who enjoy computers!

Sales Managers are right up there too with an average salary of $135K and 9,000 new jobs. Businesses like Starbucks, Enterprise Rent-A-CarBank Of America, and Charming Charlie want to hire sales managers today.

Uniqueness: Most Specialized

We all know California is the entertainment capital, so what careers put the motion into all those motion pictures?

film and video editorsFilm and Video Editors are a top choice. California has three times as many film and video editors as the average US state. They’ve grown 13% since 2011, so definitely check out this career if you’re into creating visuals. Ziff Davis PublishingCBSAOLDisney, and Apple are all hiring.

producers and directorsMultimedia Artists and Animators are also a coveted job in California. There are more than double the amount in California than the rest of the nation, with 1,200 new jobs over the past five years. Sony, Activision Blizzard[24]7, and Popcap Games are looking for YOU.

Other Jobs: Still Looking?

If none of those sound like you, here are a couple more. Elementary School Teachers are often overlooked, but in California they have added about 12,000 jobs and earn $68K/year, which is 25% more than the national average salary for elementary school teachers.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 2.47.24 PMElectricians are on the rise as well. We couldn’t overlook their 30% growth or the 16,000 new jobs. If you are good with your hands and enjoy fixing things, this job could be your future. Businesses hiring electricians right now are SolarCityGeorgia-Pacific, and Bergelectric.

Get Started

Who knew you could be successful in so many different ways in California? Success should be determined by YOU. Get to know yourself and the careers that you may have overlooked. Take our Discovery Questionnaire at to get started!

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