Clark Little Film ‘Shorebreak’ Hits the Beaches

Today, the much anticipated Peter King movie Shorebreak starring Clark Little premieres in Cocoa Beach, Florida, kicking off an epic 12-day tour along both East and West Coasts.

Still time to save your spot!

Most of the premieres have reached their capacity, but if you’re in New York or Hawaii, drop what you’re doing and reserve your spot now! Seats are still available in Long Beach (6:30 pm and 9:00 pm on June 21) and Honolulu (6:30 pm on June 27).

You don’t have to be a surfer or a photographer to enjoy the film. In fact, you don’t even have to like the water. In photography, I’m still stuck at basic pointing and shooting, and as for the beach, don’t even ask me to put my face under the waves. But none of that mattered when I saw the film at an advance screening the other night.

The magic of Shorebreak is Clark himself. Famous for his enthusiasm and infectious energy, the one-time botanical garden manager is impossible to ignore as he grabs his camera and dives (or summersaults, or lies down flat) into the North Shore’s gnarliest monsters—white walls of water that could kill you, that scare most photographers away. But not Clark.

What makes him do it?

Simply this: It’s his calling.

“There’s a big difference between having to be there and wanting to be there,” Clark says during one of the film’s few calm moments. “Getting sucked over the falls—to get the shot!”

Brilliant. Mesmerizing. Galvanizing. Shorebreak will turbocharge your life as you evaluate what you’re doing and seek to find the work you were always born to do.

Watch trailers and interviews below.

Clark Chats About Find Your Calling

“I’m not sure that everybody was made to be a wave photographer, but I’m totally convinced that everybody is called to do something…. There’s a massive world out there full of amazing opportunities. Go to today and see what YOU were made to do.” – Clark Little


Clark Wants You to Find Your Calling

How It All Started: An Interview With Clark Little About How He Became a Professional Photographer

Shorebreak: Official trailer

Shorebreak: Extended trailer

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