The New ‘Shorebreak’ Trailer is INTENSE

You’ve never seen Clark Little like this. Watch the legendary wave photographer put his life on the line for his career in the new, white-knuckle trailer for Shorebreak

Premiering in select locations around the country later this month, Shorebreak tells the story of how Clark found his calling in the North Shore’s gnarliest monsters—and will set you on fire to know his secret.

What inspires him? What pushes him through those waves? What does he hold onto when the whole world crashes and it looks like this wave might be the one that takes him out?

“There’s a big difference between having to be there and wanting to be there,” Clark says. “Getting sucked over the falls—! To get the shot.”

That is what he holds onto: Doing what he loves. The fact that this is simply where he was born to be.

So what were you born for? Find YOUR shorebreak on Find Your Calling. See tour dates and get tickets to the film here.

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