Teenagers: Did You Just Graduate? Don’t Freak Out!

You did it! The diploma has been signed, the aisle walked, your cap thrown, and high school is finally in the rearview mirror. The big question now is—What next?

Yesterday you had to ask permission before using the restroom, but now you’re in charge of answering questions that will impact your entire future. Should you go to college? What should you study? Do you even know what you want to do with your life?

We can help you get the answers. Assuming you aren’t taking a year off to work or “consider your options” (or maybe backpack around Europe), here’s a simple summer to-do list:

1) Find your calling. 2) Find the college that helps you get there.

You can knock out both on findyourcalling.com.

Your Calling is You

First, what do I mean by “calling”?

Were you born to be a nuclear monitoring technician? Find out on findyourcalling.com.

Here at FYC, we believe that everyone is made for much more than a job that pays the bills, but for a particular mission that is both powerful and unique.

Have you ever met someone that has obviously discovered their niche and is rocking it all day long? They don’t have to be famous like LeBron James or Steve Jobs. Think of your eye doctor engrossed with fixing your vision or your favorite teacher working overtime with her students or the mechanic who loves giving your dad’s car a tune-up. Think about people who honestly rejoice in their work because they’re doing what they are.

That’s what I mean by “calling.”

Some people have a gut instinct for their calling. It’s as if they heard their name spoken by a certain career and they’ve never looked back because they know with bone-deep craving that they are a surgeon, a cop, an engineer. Others don’t have this clarity or single mindedness. They might feel like a wandering magnet looking for its match. They might be unmotivated by anything or interested in everything. Or overwhelmed. Apathetic. Scared.

Whichever kind of person you are, Find Your Calling helps you discover careers you’ll love. Beginning with a few simple questions about your favorite (and least favorite) activities, it shows you dozens of occupations you might enjoy—including lots you’ve never thought of or even heard about.

Hit the College Bullseye

But it doesn’t stop there. What’s next on everybody’s mind? Education! College! Debt! What should you study, where should you go, and how much will it cost?

For each career that interests you, Find Your Calling shows the degree(s) you should take, then lists the colleges and universities that offer those degrees. If growing old while endlessly googling school after school sounds horrible, we hear you. That’s why Find Your Calling compares over 7,500 colleges and universities for you. See how much tuition will cost based on family income, how much debt you’ll probably have, how fast you can pay it off, and more.

So if you have to freak out, go ahead—the good way! You haven’t just graduated from high school; you’ve graduated to the best time of your life when you can pursue the work you were born to do.

This is the first in our blog series, “You’ve Just Graduated; Now What?” Every week we’ll add a new article helping recent high school grads find the right education and careers. Contact me at gwen@findyourcalling.com

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