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The College Board published a list of queries to keep front and center when scouting for the right school: Does the college offer majors you’re interested in? How many students are currently enrolled? How much financial aid could you receive at College X versus College Y?

Find Your Calling covers all the big-hitters so you don’t have to chase down the facts on individual college websites. We’ll add the ability to search for specific colleges soon, but for now, if you want to check out schools, get started with FYC’s quick assessment, select a career from the list of personalized recommendations, and explore schools that offer the education you need for that career.

For example, say you’re interested in becoming a financial manager and you want to study in Florida. Find Your Calling shows you how much education you’ll probably need and how many students graduated nationwide last year with relevant degrees:

FYC financial manager education gradsThen compare all the schools in Florida that offer majors for financial managers. No more hopping from website to website. And toss the calculator—just enter your family income to discover instantly how much tuition you would most likely pay. For each school, see enrollment, acceptance rate, the percent of students with loan debt, and how much debt they typically carry. Click on a school to see even more.

FYC compare schools

Palm Beach Atlantic University looks interesting: Tuition is comparatively low (under $22K/year for families in the $48-75K income range)), acceptance rate is high (84%) so you’re almost guaranteed to get in, and the debt load ($25K) is lower than the national average—plus, with a high-salary job like financial manager, you’re likely to pay it off pretty fast. Click on it!

Now you have a cool snapshot of Palm Beach. The recommended degree program at the university is Finances, General. You’ll get some of the same information as the previous page side by side with other helpful statistics, such as:

  • Average ACT and SAT scores
  • 55% of all Palm Beach students are in debt (with typical monthly payments of $278)
  • 39% of students in your same income bracket receive Federal Pell Grants which, unlike loans, don’t have to be repaid

school snapshotDone comparing schools in Florida? Switch states at any time. Compare the colleges and universities in all the US states as exhaustively as you want until you’ve got a list of prime suspects. Then, following College Board’s advice, go visit the most promising campuses in person. (That’s the one thing Find Your Calling can’t do—apparate you!)

Tired of feeling like choosing a college is just a guessing game? It isn’t. Not any more. No guessing allowed—know the answers on Find Your Calling.

Hit me up with questions at gwen@findyourcalling.com. I’d love to help you find your dream career and fantastic education!

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