Don’t Get Stuck With a Job You Hate

Did you go to college thinking you wanted to do something COMPLETELY different than where you actually ended up? Are you in college wondering if the major you chose is only leading to more misery?

There is a reason for all the confusion.

Current studies have shown that high school is where it all starts. We’re told to think of our “dream job” (I want to be a pilot! I want to be a nurse!) yet we have no idea if this is something we’ll actually enjoy or can realistically achieve. We’re simply asked whether we think we’d enjoy it or be good at, and then “GO FOR IT!” The result? We end up studying for a major that doesn’t land us a great career or doing something we hate—or both.

In her famous TED talk on changing careers, Laura Berman Fortgang dove into these frustrations by saying “[We] need to dig deeper. We should be asking, ‘Why?’ Knowing what you’re good at…is only part of the equation, since being good at something doesn’t mean you’ll care enough about it to keep doing it for decades, or leading others who do. The key is to know, not just what you have an aptitude for, but how you might be able to apply that ability to something you really care about.

The solution? Use a simple formula: Who + Why=What

“Who” is who you are: your values, your passions, the thing you can’t help but do, the activity you feel like you were born for.

“Why” covers questions like, “Is there a problem in the world you want to solve?” and “What drives you?”

“What” is both of those combined: A plan for the career that matches who you are and the problems you want to solve.

Plenty of tools out there will calculate your Who + Why, but Find Your Calling offers both—and also supplies the What. The reason you’re reading this is because you’re stuck in this predicament, you have a friend or family member who feels this way, or you’re scared it’ll end up being you! So take a quick look at our resources and avoid wasting your time and money…or worse, your life.

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