What You Can Learn From These Famous Career Changes

The good thing about your calling is that you can find it anytime, anywhere.

You don’t have to land your dream career straight out of college—you might work several jobs (quite happily) until you discover the one that fits best, the one you seem to have been born for. Even then, the saga might continue as you keep growing and exploring, eager for the next chapter in your life.

fordcarpenterJust take a look at these 11 Most Famous Career Changes, Forbes’ list of big-time successes who are synonymous today with what they do, but who frequently found their calling by starting with something completely different.

What’s uncanny? The number of lives they’ve impacted for good—and the number of times they never would have discovered their biggest calling if it hadn’t been for their first jobs.

Here are my favorites:

Jeff Bezos

What he used to be: Investment banker

What he became: Founder of Amazon

Sara Blakely

What she used to be: Door-to-door saleswoman of fax machines and office supplies

What she became: Founder of Spanx

Bill Gates

What he used to be: Cofounder of Microsoft

What he became: Establisher of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Arnold Schwarzenegger

What he used to be: Bodybuilder, actor

What he became: Governor of California

Jessica Alba

What she used to be (and still is): Actress

What she became: Cofounder of The Honest Company

Mickey Rourke

What he used to be: Boxer

What he became: Tough-guy actor (the tough is real)

John Grisham

What he used to be: Lawyer

What he became: Best-selling author of legal thrillers such as A Time to KillThe Firm, and The Pelican Brief.

Harrison Ford

What he used to be: Self-taught carpenter hired to build an office for then nobody George Lucas

What he became: Harrison Ford!

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