Find Your Calling Partners With Clark Little

We are excited to announce that Find Your Calling is partnering with Clark Little, award-winning wave photographer known for his stunning shots of Oahu’s beautiful but brutal North Shore.

Along with Hurley, Find Your Calling is a title sponsor for the upcoming documentary Shorebreak, which features Clark’s story as a photographer. Check out the teaser:

With nearly two million followers on Instagram, Clark is famous for his addiction to diving in where others would back away in order to capture that perfect angle of foaming monsters mid-brawl.

He is also famous for having not been famous.

Clark Little
Clark Little

Every day, Clark is pounded with questions from fans: How did you get into photography? How can I become a photographer? How can I do what you did?

The truth is, Clark spent 17 years managing a botanical garden before ever picking up an underwater camera—on something of a personal bet. His wife had purchased a picture of a wave; Clark said he could take a better one. He called on his old surfing skills (he was once a pioneer surfer on Waimea Bay), headed into the waves, and discovered his calling.

“I had the calling of shooting photography,” Clark said. “It [just] didn’t come till I was 37 years old.”

Not everyone is called to be a photographer—but everyone has a calling, a unique mission, a job to complete during their time on earth. “Everybody is called to do something,” Clark said. “I want to help people today find their calling, and not have to wait 17 years like I did.”

We are thrilled to work with Clark to help others follow in his footsteps—though for most of the rest of us, they lead away from the waves. Stay tuned for more news from the Clark-FYC team! Visit Clark’s website here. Find your career match today on Find Your Calling.

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