What Careers Suit Your Strengths?

What careers suit your dominant strength? If you’re a Thinker, you might enjoy a carer as an intelligence analyst. Doers often make good pilots. Helpers can gravitate towards work as dental hygienists or athletic trainers. Organizers frequently excel as logisticians, Persuaders as lawyers, and Creators as architects or video game designers.

So says a newly updated charted from the New York Times that illustrates sample careers that commonly jibe with six different personality types and strengths as categorized by the Holland Code. This code is also the foundation for Find Your Calling’s interests assessment. FYC users usually have one leading strength/interest area, two or three fairly strong, and two or three significantly weaker.

What are you? Take the assessment to find your leading interests, then check the chart below for a few sample careers. Keep in mind: Typecasting is limited and the chart is no law; you can pursue any career you like. Nor is the chart exhaustive! For all the careers that could interest you, explore the recommendations on Find Your Calling following the assessment.



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