Employers: Help Students Get the Right Career Vision

We’ve talked a good deal about the fact that the current skills gap is actually more of an information gap. Now we’re introducing a great opportunity through Find Your Calling for employers to help close that gap by giving high school students (and their parents and teachers) better data on careers—and the ideal paths to those careers.

Starting mid-March, businesses can sponsor occupations on Find Your Calling in order to help students understand careers from the employer’s perspective. Sponsor an occupation and you will provide your company’s practical knowledge and experience with the given career. Each sponsored occupation page will feature the following input from your company:

  • Skills required for the job
  • Education/training programs you recommend
  • A day-in-the-life of an employee
  • Common characteristics of someone holding this occupation

As always, the goal of Find Your Calling is to help students discover careers that match their unique gifts and interests. Major occupation categories—health care, manufacturing, IT—are familiar to most students, but each of those contains dozens of niche occupations that students simply may not know as well, if at all. Young users exploring careers on FYC commonly react with surprise: “I had no idea that was even a job!”

Your ability, as a company, is to tell them.

The opportune time to enlighten students about jobs is now. Millennials seek more than job security and good wages; they want careers that give them a sense of purpose. So if companies are to help the new generation succeed, they must talk about more than job security and pay—they must help them find their calling.

Sponsor an occupation on Find Your Calling, and tell the stories of real careers so that students plan a future they love.

If you’d like to educate students about careers by sponsoring occupation(s) on Find Your Calling, email Rob Sentz at rob@findyourcalling.com. 


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