Your Calling—A ‘Magnetic Force’ That Can’t Be Denied

“Our calling, purpose, or vocation is the thing that only a single soul can do…. There is a way for each of us to contribute, express ourselves, and serve from that unique place that no one else can.” – Erin McElroy, “The Pursuit of Purpose, A Calling, Meaningful Work”

Erin McElroy’s battle cry for each of us to find a way to “serve from a unique place” is exactly what Find Your Calling is all about. Every person on the planet has a special reason for being here, a particular job to do before we’re done, and Find Your Calling’s mission is to help you figure out what that is—as early as possible.

We’re not ruling out game-changers in your forties that send you on a different path (your calling can have several chapters), but we are dedicated to helping students avoid wasting time and money on the wrong education, feeling vaguely listless and/or totally sucked dry in the wrong job, and generally not knowing what on earth they’re built for and what career will give them that bone-deep satisfaction we all crave.

Sometimes your journey might be more mystical. (Like Erin’s.) Other times, it might take just a few clicks. Want to find out? Go through our quick assessment on Find Your Calling and explore careers that match your interests. If it seems like you were born for some of them, it’s probably because you were.

You should check out the full article (it’s an inspiring read), but here are some standout quotes to juice up your Thursday:

You have to believe your calling is out there and that you can achieve it: “It involves a certain amount of belief in this idea and trust that it is possible.”

There could be several options for your calling (definitely true for me): “There are a number of ways we can express and give from our unique, true nature if we choose to not settle, if we choose to nurture that thing inside of us that would cause the biggest heartbreak if we did not succeed and the greatest triumph if we keep trying until we do.”

Finding your calling might be a gradual process, not a blinding epiphany: “There was not one ‘aha!’ moment. I actually didn’t realize it was my calling until it felt too difficult to pursue once named.”

You’ll know it’s your calling when you can’t NOT pursue it: “There was no way I couldn’t pursue it. I realized that at some point it didn’t feel as much like a choice anymore, instead it was a magnetic force that couldn’t be denied.”

Read the full article. 

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