Discover Your Career Match on Find Your Calling Day

March 2 is Find Your Calling Day—a day for students everywhere to explore great career options and share their interests with the world. If you want to find amazing jobs that suit your interests AND the education that can help you get there, here’s what you do.

  1. Take our quick career assessment.
  2. Pick out some careers that interest you.
  3. Create a profile to save your results. (Coming soon! Sign up to hear when the profile feature is live.)
  4. Share your profile on March 2.

When you share, use #FindYourCallingDay to enter our prize drawing for one of three stupendous prizes (TBA soon).

Host Your Own FYC Day Event

Parents. Teachers. Employers. Your role is to get local students plugged in. How? Host your own FYC Day event at your home, school, or business so that students take the assessment together. We’ve got all the fliers, email announcements, and videos you need to create your own fantastic event. Download our media kit to get started.

Mission of Find Your Calling

Young Americans believe in changing the world, not just paying the bills. They are optimistic, ambitious goal-setters who want to make a positive impact on other peoples’ lives. But to fulfill these aspirations, they need more than a job, they need a calling—a career that gives them deep personal satisfaction and feels like a reward in itself. So how?

Find Your Calling makes discovering meaningful careers clear and simple. Our powerful, real-time labor market data lets students quickly discover a variety of careers that suit their interests, and also points them to the various education options that can start them on the path to success.

FYC Video-10

Contact Gwen Burrow with questions. Explore Find Your Calling today. Read our blog for career tips, information on the job market for college grads in 2016, and lots more. 

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