Why Find Your Calling?

So you’re trying to pick a career. Maybe you’re partway through high school and are just starting to think about what you want to do. Maybe you’re poised to graduate and are eager to find the right college. Maybe high school is already behind you, but you just haven’t found your college groove yet. Maybe you’re lucky and you know the job you want (say, mechanical engineering) and even the degree you need (gee…mechanical engineering). But what if you’re not confident about either one? How do you find out?

Here’s the problem: too much information. In the sprawling US economy (where some of our major cities are bigger than some nations, economically speaking), you face literally hundreds of career and education choices. Hunting down the perfect career and education is like trying to find a needle in a needle stack—and you might not even be sure which needle you’re looking for!

That’s why we created Find Your Calling. This website will help you (and your parents!) discover the jobs you’ll enjoy and the education and training you’ll need to get there. Here’s how it works. Starting with a simple personality assessment, Find Your Calling deduces the types of career you might like and produces an array of specific opportunities that match your interests. Even cooler, Find Your Calling also gives you information on the type of degree you’ll need, and connects you with schools that offer the right education.

Our goal with Find Your Calling: to help you find the education you need to prosper in a career you love.

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