How Important is Picking Your College Major?

In a day when comparatively few people work in the same area as their undergraduate studies, the question becomes—how important is picking your college major, anyway? Some, like Jeff Selingo with the Chronicle of Higher Education, say, not so much. Others, like Tony Carnevale with Georgetown University, say it is very important. We actually think both positions are […]

Positive Outlook for 2015 College Grads

The Boston Globe featured an encouraging article discussing what economists are calling “the best job market for new college graduates in nearly a decade.” The reasons? “The improving US economy and accelerating retirements of baby boomers create job openings across many fields.” Note this: Not just more jobs, but more jobs requiring college degrees. “Almost all the net increase […]

Stanford’s Most Popular Class

A friend sent me this fascinating article about what is currently Stanford University’s most popular class: a course designed to help students understand vocation so they can better “design their lives.” Here’s a quote: Before Kanyi Maqubela became an investment partner at the Collaborative Fund, an early-stage venture capital firm focused on social enterprises, he was […]

Sign Up and Get Early Access

We inch ever closer to the release of Find Your Calling. We’ve had this dream for years—a free, national website designed especially for young people (high-school through college age) and their parents to help them (1) understand how their interests line up with careers, (2) see the relevant information on the opportunities that match what they enjoy doing, and […]